Fotos-online: Iyengar-Yoga-Workshop mit Rosana Seligmann | Sao Paulo, Jan. 2023 Erinnerungen. Vielen Dank, dass ihr dazu beigetragen habt diese Tage zu etwas Besonderem zu machen. Rosana und ich sind sehr glücklich, dass wir diese Zeit hier gemeinsam hatten. Ich bedanke mich und leite das weiter, was Rosana schreibt:

„Yesterday, Samuel do Amor Divino Pataxó (25 yrs old) and Nauí Brito Pataxó (16 yrs old), two great leaders in the struggle of Brazilian indigenous people for their rights, were killed.The Atlantic Forest is the rainforest that originally covered almost the entire Brazilian coast, which less than 10% remains today. The Pataxó people has been its greatest guardian, their territories have the largest extensions of preserved forest in the country.The NGO @anai_associacaoindigenista and the indigenous people are in deep mourning.So do I.Yesterday was also the last day from the 10 classes I gave in Köln at @yoga1a 30% of the proceeds were donated to the Indigenous people through the NGO @anai_associacaoindigenista
I am full of GRATITUDE for all students who took the classes and supported the cause. Danke, liebe Ingrid, for being who u are, for giving me the opportunity to share a small drop of Iyengar Yoga with your dearest students, for making us capable to give a hand to the indigenous people. Obrigada, @anai_associacaoindigenista for being fighting for the indigenous rights for more than 40 years! May the world be Love & Peace.
Wir konnten viel spenden an die NGO @anai_associacaoindigenista. Die Hilfe wichtiger denn je und bedeutet sehr viel, Aktivisten werden ermordet wurden und es bekannt wurde, dass unter Bolsonaro über 570 indigene Kinder verhungern mussten.

“The brain is the seat of the thinking mind and the heart is the seat of the feeling or instinctive mind. While the brain registers conscious awareness, subconscious feelings or instincts are buried deep in the heart. Resting below the chest in restorative āsanas, the brain remains tranquil while the expanded chest awakens the heart. Latent thoughts and beliefs of which we were previously unaware, rise to the surface and the process of purification begins. Desires are subdued and the intellect is aroused”. ~ BKS Iyengar