Perfect day: 24.04.21, Online-Yoga-Workshop with Tomás Zorzo Oviedo, Spain.

3rd Online-Workshop, this time on Karma-Yoga| The Yoga of Action | Karma and Kleshas | … perfect day. 320 Euro donation to

Tomas Zorzo teaches Yoga Philosophy
Tomás Zorzo from Oviedo Spain, certified Senior Teacher Sri K. Patthabi Jois at Yoga-1a

What is karma?
In which way are karma is related to Yoga?
Karma and Kleshas
Karma Yoga as behavioral psychotherapy.

Pranayama · Asanas · Philosophy.

Do Yoga, Do something good:
Cost 50 Euros. (*25% of all proceeds will be donated to „ den Regenwald“)

Everybody knows: We cannot meet live but we’ll use the time to meet again live online. Join us.
I am sure we will have a good time together. Please get in touch if you have any questions. and if you want to sign in.

320 Euro donation to

The physical body is made up of different stages: gross, subtle, and transcendental.  The mind in turn of a sensory, emotional, intellectual and transcendent mind.
As long as asanas and pranayama are done by the body and for the body, it cannot be considered genuine yoga.
There is a close relationship between body and mind, we have to understand that apparently physical postures and breathing exercises work on the body, but in turn impact on the mind.
Asanas and pranayama must be performed to change the mental state and penetrate the deepest layers of the mind to reach Consciousness
The purpose of the workshop will be to explore and understand the role of kriyas, bandhas, mudras, asanas, pranayama etc in transforming the mind.

> enjoy last live-workshop’s fotos. Again, we had a very precious and special time together, thanks to everybody who attended, gracias a Tomas.
Now it is 17 years that Tomás is coming to Cologne regularily, he is my teacher and my friend, I am grateful for all the knowledge he is sharing,

zoom online
Like family. Almost as every year.
Ingrid Schulte Kellinghaus & Tomás Zorzo
Ingrid Schulte Kellinghaus & Tomás Zorzo

Life in Covid-times …. Like every year the workshop’s topic is exciting and it will be a deep experience. Philosophy, Ethics and Practice. Experience the broadness of Ashtanga Yoga.
December 12ths, ommmmline
February 6th > ommmmline
Live, as soon as possible